Our vision

A UN that fully embodies the principles it stands for.

Our aim

Our shared aim is to identify, promote and implement innovative ideas that will enable the UN to fully embody the principles it stands for. In doing so, we hope to improve our shared institution and enhance its credibility in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We are working in five focus areas, identified through workshops and online collaboration:

  • Transparency, integrity and accountability
  • Human resources
  • Living the SDGs
  • Inter-agency collaboration
  • Technology

How we affect change

We are working at three levels to catalyse, amplify and accelerate change:

  1. Starting a conversation about the challenges the UN faces and possible solutions
  2. Leading by example, by piloting practical changes and sharing our experiences
  3. Advocating change, by bringing fresh ideas to key decision-makers

Our global presence

How we work

Decentralised global network – Young UN is a decentralised global network with an inclusive approach whereby members join voluntarily and can get involved as little or as much as they like. Our vision (a UN that fully embodies the principles it stands for) provides our overarching, common purpose and the levels of action (see ‘About’) serve as a common methodology for how we work across the focus groups and across duty stations which function as self-organising hubs.

Open global coordination – Young UN operates through an open coordination structure with task-sharing and rotating monthly co-chairs among members of the network. The coordination group (any member can join) discuss and agree issues related to the strategic direction of the initiative and prioritisation.

Decision-making criteria and process – Young UN projects and activities are driven by 3 key criteria: they are solutions-oriented, cross-UN and in the interests of the UN Charter and principles the UN stands for. A decision is taken when a critical mass of members agree on the way forward.