The Policy Lab provides a platform and resource to crowdsource quick input and/or  curated policy recommendations from Young UN’s 2000+ member base on demand. The distribution of Young UN members across different areas of expertise enables a broad analysis of ideas from different angles.

With its unique cross-UN and fresh perspective, the Young UN Policy Lab has already had multiple requests for input from UN senior management, including from the Deputy-Secretary General (on skillsets for the SDGs and incentivizing system-wide results), the Secretary-General’s Executive Committee (on attracting and retaining young talent), and the High-level Committee on Programmes on “frontier issues”.

The network is eager to provide more inputs and play an important role in shaping the current and future UN and Young UN remains open to new requests. The Young UN Policy Lab could be sharpened by using technology to develop a platform to rank ideas and solicit quick feedback.

You can find here our latest recommendations:

Contributions to HLCM

thumbnail of HLCM-Young UN

Young UN was requested by the UN High-level Committee on Management to provide recommendations on driving innovation in the UN system ahead of their meeting in October 2018.

HLCP Recommendations

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Young UN provided recommendations on artificial intelligence, the future of work, education and food for the UN High-level Committee on Programmes April 2018 meeting

Reposition the UNDS

thumbnail of Repositioning UNDS

Young UN met with the UN Deputy Secretary-General to provide inputs on repositioning the UN development system and subsequently was requested to provide recommendations on skillsets for the SDGs and incentivising system-wide results.

Input to SG’s EC

thumbnail of Input to EC on HR

As part of the UN Secretary-General’s focus on youth, Young UN and the Youth Envoy hosted a joint global and virtual workshop in January 2018 to develop proposals for the SG’s Executive Committee to make the UN system an employer of choice for young talent in terms of recruitment, career development and retention.