Welcome to the next 25 years!

This collection of stories, written by members of the Young UN network is the beginning of a journey which will unfold over the next two and a half decades. Young UN seeks to spark conversations and curiosity regarding the world in 2045 when the United Nations turns 100. With this initiative, Young UN aims to leverage foresight methodologies to contribute to shape the next generation of  global governance and multilateralism.

Young UN Futures Stories collection aims to raise questions such as:

  • What kind of world will we and future generations be creating on our journey to 2045?
  • Who will be benefiting in that world and who will be left behind?
  • What will the role of the UN be, what form will it take and how will people interact with the UN?
  • What action can we collectively take now to shape the futures we want to materialise?
  • What courageous questions do we need to ask, and what actions do we need to take along the way?

We invite YOU to have your say and be part of co-creating the future with Young UN. Write a future story! Meet fellow futures stories authors! Suggest a topic! Share your ideas!

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Young UN says big thanks to the UN75 team, the School of International Futures for its mentoring on foresight techniques and to People Activation for their mentoring on strategic communication.

Discover Young UN Futures Stories

Young UN Futures Stories is an evolving foresight storytelling experiment launched on the 75th Anniversary of the UN’s formation and looking at how we reimagine and shape our UN institutions over the next 25 years as we approach 100!

Take a look at the first collection of stories and join the discussion to help drive the future vision we hope for.


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