Addis Ababa

Young UN in Addis Ababa brings together young professionals from the Economic Commission for Africa and several Addis-based UN agencies, such as UNDP and UNAIDS. 

Building upon various initiatives in the past, the hub was formed in September 2019 to join the global Young UN network. It is currently implementing several plans intended to promote positive change and work together to support the Secretary-General’s reforms as well as the 2030 Agenda.

The group is open to anyone feeling young at heart —independent of contract types— and meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month, at 3 pm, in the ECA Library (Limpopo building).

If you would like to join as a member or have any questions, please reach out to

Global Conference

The Young UN Global Conference will provide a venue for Young UN members to learn from each other, exchange with current and former UN staff, and develop a vision and plan for the future.

The Young UN Global Conference aims to:

  • Stimulate reflexion among Young UN members about a more effective UN organization;
  • Share experiences, knowledge and ideas among Young UN members about UN reform;
  • Engage with current and former UN staff about new and old UN reform proposals;
  • Strengthen Young UN’s organisation as a global movement for UN reform;
  • Adopt a Young UN manifesto, strategy and action plan for UN reform.

The Young UN Global Conference will rely on its members to develop the content of the Conference. Young UN members will be encouraged to showcase the initiatives they have launched in their respective duty stations. Members will also hold small workshops on specific themes to delve into existing policy proposals and to come up with fresh ideas for UN reform proposals or initiatives.

The Conference is expected to increase knowledge of each other and each other’s initiatives, develop the global team spirit among Young UN members, generate new ideas, establish shared principles for Young UN, as well as Young UN policy proposals for UN reform. In preparation of the Conference, Young UN members from around the world will be invited to join the working group responsible for organizing the Conference and regular VTCs will be set up to facilitate cooperation.